Below you will find summaries of my current comics available online and links to check them out.


BF Webtoons Cover1.jpeg

Beard & Frog

What happens to a genetically engineered Frog owned by an evil streaming service is fired?

He’s thrown on to the sales floor! Frog ends up befriending Derrick Tordsen aka Beard. Frog’s job has lead him to believe that B.E.N.D. is evil and must enter a magical vortex to escape. Derrick has fallen deep into the mundane routine of a 9 to 5 job but, get’s pulled into the cosmic battle against B.E.N.D.

Follow Beard and Frog as they discover the dark side of B.E.N.D. and other mysterious powers they may hold, and how they save the universe.  

Art by Hector Ceniceros

BCard Img.jpg

DAy 26 and man with a gun

Day 26 is a comic about a writer locking himself in an apartment to finish his novel but his neighbors are more than they seem.

Art by Tania Verdugo

Man with a Gun is my first comic. It is a noir about a man driving into the desert with a dead body in his truck and people ready to kill him. He sits a reflects on the things that have led him there.

Art by Samuel Henry


Frights From The Shadows

A mini-comic about a young knight who battles the darkness around her. She has the help of her companions a Triceratops, and a Fairy.